ME, YOU, MADNESS (2019) Genre: Action Comedy

A young thief (Ed Westwick) finds himself casing a secluded architectural mansion in Malibu, not realizing it’s the home of a female serial killer… AMERICAN PSYCHO with the humor of DEADPOOL and visual tone and style of NEON DEMON, heavily driven with Music, dance choreography and stunning locations. Written and directed by Louise Linton. Starring Louise Linton, Ed Westwick and Shuya Chang. Producers: Louise Linton and Kristen Ruhlin.


SERIAL DATERS ANONYMOUS (2018) Genre: Romantic Comedy

Upon discovering her fianceì cheated, Claire, a witty, smart copy-writer, jilts her husband-to- be at the altar and goes on a retaliatory dating streak to avenge the city’s women – and goes viral in the process. SDA is an all American RomCom in the ilk of “Runaway Bride”, meets“Trainwreck”.Starring Louise Linton and Sam Page (House of Cards, Mad Men). Written and directed by Chris Emmons AND Louise Linton, Produced by Sam Kozel.