Founded in October 2012, Stormchaser Films is a Los Angeles based independent production company focused on the acquisition, development, finance and production of high-quality film and television content for distribution across all global media platforms. 

Producing partners Louise Linton and Tina Sutakanat partnered in January 2013. While each brings unique yet elemental creative and business strengths to the company, they share a deep passion for filmmaking and an unwavering commitment to the highest ethics in business practice. Stormchaser Films strives to preserve and celebrate the tradition of story-centric filmmaking while harnessing the innovation and magic of technology to produce films that are both a form-of-art and tell stories of significance to inspire, enlighten and entertain across all mediums. 


After graduating from Law School in October 2012, Linton formed Stormchaser Films with the desire to create commercially viable independent films and television combining inspiring content and commercial marketability.

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Linton was educated at Fettes College. She began her training at two of Britain’s finest Arts Conservatories, The Edinburgh Drama Academy and The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts where she achieved Honors. After graduating, she volunteered in Central Africa for six months during the Congo War and later wrote a book about her experience. Following this, Linton moved to Los Angeles where she acquired a B.A. in Journalism from Pepperdine University and a Juris Doctorate in Law. As an actress, she has built a fast-ascending career in film and television.  For more information see,


Los Angeles native Tina Sutakanat partnered with Linton in January 2013, bringing with her over a decade of experience in development, production and financial operations.

Sutakanat began her career in film as an assistant to Arthur Sarkissian where she was rapidly promoted to Creative Executive. While at Sarkissian’s, she quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry working with top talent and major studios on projects such as Rush Hour 3 directed by Brett Ratner.

She later joined former PayPal COO David Sacks at his production company Room 9 Entertainment as Creative Executive. During that time, Sacks founded social networking sites Geni and Yammer which Sutakanat helped to manage and run human resources, all while continuing to work on film development. There she honed her skills in acquisitions, budgeting, product development and managing. Sutakanat attended Southern Methodist University and Southern New Hampshire University, from which she graduated with a B.A. and MBA, respectively.



(Released June 24th by IFC Midnight in Theaters and on VOD) Genre: Psychological Thriller

During one of Oregon’s most violent storms, a young cellist seeks solitude and comfort in the safety of her large apartment, only to realize she’s not home alone. With the modern and simple tone of ‘Paranormal Activity’ paired with the cinematic elegance of Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’, Intruder is a disturbing psychological thriller that will make you think twice about being home alone.

Starring Louise Linton (Scavengers, CSI: NY, Cabin Fever:Reboot), John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown, Transformers) and music mogul Moby, in his feature film debut. Written and directed by Travis Z. (Scavengers, Cabin Fever: Reboot). Executive producer, Cassian Elwes (The Butler, Dallas Buyers Club) Voltage Pictures handling foreign sales.


(Post-Production, 2016) Genre: Romantic Comedy

Upon discovering her fiancé cheated, Claire, a witty, mid-west fashion-columnist, jilts her husband-to-be at the altar and goes on a retaliatory dating streak to avenge the city’s women. Serial Dater’s Anonymous is an all-American Romantic Comedy in the ilk of “Runaway Bride”, meets “This Means War”.
Starring Louise Linton (Scavengers, CSI: NY, Cabin Fever:Reboot), Sam Page (House of Cards, Mad Men, Gossip Girl). Written and directed by Chris Emmons, Produced by Justin Lothrop, Drew Britton, Sam Kozel.


(In-Development) Genre: Young Adult Thriller
Six random strangers wake up in an endless cornfield, each with a different object by their side. Sensing imminent danger amongst the crops, they must work together to solve the puzzle and get out.
Written by Sean Wathen and Josh Dobkin. Producers, Arthur Sarkissian (Rush Hour 1,2 & 3), Louise Linton, Tina Sutakanat. Executive Producer Steven Mnuchin.


(In-Development) Genre: Thriller
Strange happenings at a hyper modern research lab somewhere deep in Switzerland’s icy tundra spell disruptive change for the future of mankind. Writer/Director, Travis Z (Intruder, Cabin Fever: Reboot)


(In-Development) Based on the Best Selling Books. Genre: Young Adult Action
The Ulatered takes us into a secret world of humans with supernatural powers. Five factions, The Runners, The Healers, The Seers, The Hunters, The Mind Readers and The Death Clan. This film has elements of X-Men, Twighlight and Harry Potter. Based on the best selling “Unaltered Series” by Lorena Angell.


(Script) Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror
In a twist of storybook luck, a young American couple inherit vast wealth and a Scottish Castle, but after giving up their lives to pursue a fresh-start in their new home abroad, they soon realize they are not alone and that their fairytale life is turning quickly into a nightmare.


(Pre-Production, 2016) Genre: Crime Thriller

A Los Angeles cop and his unlikely associate explore the dangerous under-belly of LA as they investigate the disappearance of a child.
Written by Robert Sparks and Jason Zakarian. Director, Robert Sparks. Producers, Arthur Sarkissian and Robert Sparks. Executive Producers, Louise Linton, Tina Sutakanat, and Amanda Jacoby.


(Script) Genre: Action Comedy

A debunked CIA spy and his ten accomplices plan to exact revenge against their mega-wealthy former employers.


(In Development)
The extraordinarily captivating memoir of the remarkable jewel thief who robbed the rich and the famous while maintaining an outwardly conventional life—an astonishing and completely true story, the like of which has never before been told . . . or lived.